It's no surprise when I saw that summers in Colorado are hot. There are a lot of things you can do to keep it cool, without spending a lot of money. Get ready to get super chill.

Source: BuzzFeed and Greatist

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    Have a Fan Club

    Get a fan -- or five. Create a cross current to get as chill as possible. You can even set some ice in front of the fan for a DIY air conditioner, which is perfect for the dryness of the Western Slope.

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    Cool Drink Make For An Even Cooler You

    There's nothing more refreshing than drinking a nice cold drink after you've been sweating profusely. If you're going to drink alcohol, make sure you're hydrated because dehydration + heat = not good.

  • Embrace the Wet Blanket

    Usually when someone says "wet blanket" it's not good, but in this case, it's great. Get a blanket or towel wet to cool yourself down, especially while you're trying to sleep.

  • A Water Bottle Is Now Your Sleeping Partner

    This something my mom told me about, how to get cold feet -- in a good way! Freeze a water bottle and keep it at the bottom of the bed to keep cool all night.

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