It's an honest question these days, heck I'VE wondered and have asked it several times and now, here's an answer.

According to the Greeley Tribune, providers distributing Covid-19 vaccines have created hotlines for anyone really but especially for those that don't have internet access to call to schedule appointments.

As of right now, the state is still in phase 1 of the distribution which means that only health care workers, first responders, long term staff and residents and people over 70 can get the vaccine.

Health systems are scheduling appointments for patients AND non patients but the list is long and there is a bit of a wait list. If you have trouble signing up for the vaccine or have any questions, the hotline is 1-877-268-2926.

There are also some other numbers to call and schedule an appointment for major healthcare providers..

Local public agencies are also working with Safeway and King Soopers to help out with Covid information.


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