Pub trivia: behind only rocket science and curing cancer, it is the highest calling a nerd can have. But nerds aren’t the only people who can kill at trivia! With a little preparation, anyone can win the bragging rights, and even sometimes free stuff, that comes from a successful trivia run.

Colorado has been home to many quiz show champions over the years, but trivia hounds in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley don't need professional-level skills to dominate at pub trivia. Fortunately, Northern Colorado has a huge number of trivia training grounds to hone your skills.

Before you doubt my trivia credentials, let me tell you I captained my high school’s knowledge bowl team for two years, taking us to the state championships at Colorado State University, and I was educated by one of Northern Colorado’s own “Jeopardy!” championships in college.

I am honored to pass my trivia skills on to you.

Diversify your team

You might think your team needs a historian and a mathematician to win big – but you can’t rely on that alone. Especially in the world of pub trivia, you need to cover all your bases. Make sure you invite all your friends to trivia night – especially the sports fans, rap experts and movie buffs.

Unplug yourself

Once the game gets going, put your phone away. Not only will it keep your brain focused on the task at hand, it will also help your team avoid the suspicion of cheating. Scrolling through Instagram isn’t just distracting – it’s also a bad look.

Don’t be afraid to have fun

Pub trivia is like beer pong – if you start doing too well, it’s only fair to drink a little to even the playing field. The point of trivia night isn’t to win prizes and dominate your competitors, it’s to support your local Colorado restaurants and breweries.

Northern Colorado Trivia Nights for Summer 2023

We rounded up every trivia night we could find in Northern Colorado for you to enjoy. Check out pub trivia for Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor and more.

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