There are two awesome ways you can celebrate "Music in Our Schools Month" in Western Colorado. Both are fun, educational, and best of all, free.

One way to nurture the love of music in young students involves attending the upcoming 'Symphony Story Time' events at various local library branches. Young people get to listen to music and get an up close look at the instruments found in an orchestra.

There are two sessions of "Symphony Story Time" coming to Western Colorado. They don't fall in the month of March, but they come close.

  • Clifton Branch Library – Thursday, April 7 at 10 am
  • Orchard Mesa Branch – Friday, April 8 at 10 am

Secondly, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra offers "Music in the Classroom." With this program, various ensembles associated with the symphony visit area schools to perform for the kids. Students get a chance to hear live music while learning musical terms and a brief history of the selections performed.

Among the ensembles participating in the program this year are "Cool Jazz" and "Talking Rhythms." These ensembles come to area schools and present several performances, usually about 45 minutes each, for various grade levels.

So far, three schools in Grand Junction, namely Pomona, Dos Rios, and Fruitvale, have signed up for the program.

Encourage your child's school to contact the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and request to have the 'Music in the Classroom' program pay a visit to their school.

Celebrate "Music in Our Schools Month" and encourage children to participate in music education. If your child is approaching the age when they become eligible to enroll in school music programs, please encourage them to do so.