At one time the largest City Market in the state was right here in Grand Junction.

The original City Market store was located on 4th and Rood. It was the largest store on the Western Slope and for a bit in the whole state. Once it was opened in 1938 it was immensely popular. One thing that made it popular was the fact that it had their own parking lot and up to date merchandise which was pretty rare to have.

Because of the popularity of this store, it made traffic a bit congested.  It didn't help that it was on a busy intersection either.

With growth, all good things must come to an end. By 1956 this particular store closed their doors for good. City Market was going bigger and better, but for awhile this one store was the place to be.

Now the business that is sitting on that spot does something completely different. But, you will always have the memory of what that spot once was.

How the Times Change In Grand Junction
Brandon Thomas

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