I need to know when are you too old for trick-or-treating? Halloween is right around the corner. So you know what that means right? That means cool costumes and candy. Oh, so much candy.

Just being able to get dressed up as anything that you want to be with nobody knowing who you are except your friends is what makes it awesome. Now getting dressed up and going out with your friends is extremely fun.

We all know the best part of Halloween is going around and getting as much candy as possible. Then eat as much of it as possible before you have to go to bed. At least that's what I did growing up.

Now it is time to get serious. How old is to old for trick-or-treating? I remember one year my friends and I went crazy got decked out in costumes and filled up three pillowcases each full of candy. then we just stopped. I want to say we were about 13 the last year we went.

Once I had both of my daughters I had a reason to go trick-or-treating again. Getting dressed up with my daughters and nephew is so much fun. But should there be a limit on how old you have to be?

I want to know what age is to old to be trick-or-treating. Being a kid at heart i am told doesn't count.

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