As a parent, you try and teach your kids right and wrong. But there are times when it goes in one ear and out the other. This time though, I don't know what to do.

My daughter who just started the 6th grade is dealing with bullying. Every day she goes to school to boys and girls alike being ruthless to her. She tries her best every day to not listen to what the say. But I know it gets to her.

It doesn't stop there either. She is also doing some of the bullying herself. It's not the in your face type of bullying that I'm used to. She is bullying while texting her friends. She, of course, says that they are pranks but some of them are a little mean.

I'm worried about my daughter becoming more of a bully and that is not who she is. I need advice on how to deal with all the bullying that has been going on. My daughter is a loving girl who would help anybody. How do I get her to listen to me when I tell her that being a bully no matter what form it's in is not acceptable?

Bullying is not the answer even if you were being bullied yourself. Any advice would help.

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