A few years ago a poll was taken to see how Americans viewed the states. And, while Colorado was not even mentioned on a few of the questions (thankfully), we did pretty well, and even scored top honors on one specific topic.

What state has the weirdest accent?

Colorado received zero votes. That's a good thing, because we don't have a weird accent.

Which State is your favorite?

Colorado finished second to, of all places, California. But we are pretty popular!

Which State is the craziest?

Not Colorado. From the map, it looks like we may have received a few votes, but by and large, we're not all that crazy, are we?

Which State has the hottest residents?

To no one's surprise, California gained the top spot, but out of 50 states, Colorado finished fifth. We know we're hotter than California. So do they.

And finally...

Which State has the most beautiful scenery?

This is a no brainer. The fact that any OTHER state got votes is amazing, but Colorado was, of course, the runaway winner. Something we knew all along.

There you go, Colorado. The rest of the country thinks we're pretty cool.

And we are.

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