Let's face, it when your girlfriends call you at 4 PM on a Friday and ask you to hang at a holiday party you agree in 5 seconds! Before you go out and get all cocktailed up make sure you check out these easy tips to battle that horrible hangover!You might have had a blast with your girlfriend at the party but the day after is a nightmare! Not only do you have mascara every where but you also have a the worst headache EVER and those huge bags under eyes you could fit your whole wardrobe in!

Did you learn your lesson? Probably not, but let's be papered for the morning after next time!

Bedside Saviors 

Desadaptado, Flickr

Before you leave the house make sure you have a bottle of water and multivitamin set next to your bed. Take the pills and chug water when you get home -- even if you can't see straight! This will help take care dehydration and vitamin B will combat the booze!

No Greasy Grub

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We all run after the "greasey food" when we are hungover -- grease soaks up that booze, right?! Nope! Instead of grabbing fast food try some cantaloupe and veggies! Boosting your vitamin A will help you feel better faster.

Don't Bite the Dog Back

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This is on of the biggest myths in booze land -- drinking more booze to feel better is so untrue. You should be drinking water to replenishing what those shots, cocktails and beer did to your system!

Ooze the Booze


Don't just lay around on the couch! Go for a walk and get some blood pumping through those muscles -- call your boyfriend, he's probably hungover too!  Once you get moving you will feel better!

Big Sunglasses and Tasseled Hair

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If you had a super crazy night and you just can't pull it together then just simply go for style at this point! Toss up your hair and find the biggest sunglasses you have! Know will ever know you "Partied like a Rockstar"