The craft mega-retailer Hobby Lobby has been ordered to close all of their Colorado locations following a refusal to comply with Governor Polis' 'Stay-at-Home' order.

Following the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the state of Colorado has been taking precautions in the form of only allowing essential businesses to stay open. These include grocery stores, gas stations, liquor stores, and marijuana dispensaries, to name a few. However, Hobby Lobby defied the governor's order and chose to keep their 18 Colorado locations open.

The retailer's defiance didn't last long, as today Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser issued an order to Hobby Lobby CEO David Green to close all of their Colorado locations.

“You are directed to immediately close all Hobby Lobby locations within the State of Colorado. Immediate compliance is compulsory, and any future or continuing non-compliance will be subject to the full force and effect of injunctive relief.”

It seems that it was only a matter of time in which Hobby Lobby would be instructed to close, as their inventory is primarily art supplies, craft supplies, and home decor. While some Coloradans may be experiencing a level of boredom that only painting a picture or sprucing up the decor in their home, it's hard to argue that Hobby Lobby is 'essential.'

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