Easter Sunday was yesterday and it was an amazing day. When families get together it is just a wonderful thing.

When they woke up they couldn't find their Easter baskets. We usually put them on the counter, but since yesterday was April fools day we decided to put the baskets in the bathtub. They all thought that was pretty funny.

After the fun to start the morning, my mom took my daughters and my nephew to church and they all looked adorable in their church clothes. Once they got home we decided to take a hike in the nice warm weather.

We ended up at the Paleo trail out in Fruita and the kids had a blast. They spent a good twenty minutes trying to catch a red lizard. Seeing my kids and nephews faces light up while we were hiking made the whole day worth it.

They become little Indiana Jones type kids when we go out hiking. They want to check out everything.

Hanging out with your family on an amazing day changes your attitude for the better. Even if you are in the worst mood ever, just take your kids outside and just have fun.

What did you do for Easter? Let me know in the comments.

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