A vigil held in honor of 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, the brave young man who gave his life to save others ended with students angrily walking out.

The reason they left appears to be because those in attendance, including Colorado Senator Michael Bennet (D) and Rep. Jason Crow (D), took the opportunity to turn the vigil into a political event, calling out for further gun control measures.

The students, shouting "mental health" and "political stunt" left the event that drew over 2,000 people and, in the parking lot, held their own vigil.

The event was organized by Team Enough and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence but politicizing the event sent the students into the rain to gather together and remember their fallen friend and classmate. Many returned to the event at Highlands Ranch High School to again voice frustration and angrily decried the political nature of the event, stating students are people not a political statement.

Castillo, the only fatality in the shooting was described by friends, classmates, and family as kind and compassionate and the vigil was being held to help those affected by the tragedy begin to heal.

It provided anything but healing, apparently.

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