Remember that cop that got suspended last week for leaving work early to go to a strip club. While now he might get fired for much more than leaving work early. Man, how dumb.

It made us ask our fans here on Facebook Friday, "what was the worst way to get fired from a job?" Wow. There are some pretty crazy ways to get fired.

I remember working with a dude that kept stealing food out of the company fridge.

Made himself right at home. I'll never forget his reaction when he received a termination letter in the refrigerator. He was as red as a tomato, bless his heart.

I would have been so embarrassed.

I felt bad how Abbey Antwine got fire.

That just seems so wrong. She's definitely better off that's for sure.

How about getting fired like Aaron Taylor ... walking in with the IRS ... umm, no thank you.

I think the worst though is a toss-up between Michele Mercer her boss telling her, "nobody likes you" and Heather Magill getting fired by a text message.

The nerve of a place to not even face you and tell you it's time to go.

Good riddance I'd say.

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