The first week of Summertime in Colorado has been very interesting, to say the least.

Summer solstice? Umm ... there seems to be something wrong with this picture. I've come to realize the horoscope sign of summertime in Colorado must be a Gemini. Like me.

Hot, cold, hot, cold, what day is it? lol

Totally makes sense now.

We're creeping up on July and this weekend in Colorado we had road closures and snow. The first day of summer welcomed almost two feet of snow west of Denver.

Colorado has been keeping records of the hottest and coldest days of the year since 1872.

According to Colorado's Annual Temperatures and Records, the hottest day in Colorado on record so far was on June 23, 2012, at a whopping 114°.

Coldest day on record in Colorado for the month on June I believed has changed after this weekend. Pikes Peak hit an extremely cold 12°.

Summer oh how I miss you. I won't complain about the heat ever again, at least I'll try not to ... just come back to us, please.

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