You may think if you've seen one snow plow you've seen them all - but that's not the case.

Introducing Colorado's " Mega Plow" that may very well be the future of snow plows.

The "Mega Plow" was first used in Weld County during Colorado's historic bomb cyclone earlier this year, and is likely getting some use this week.

This mammoth snow plow possesses the ability to clear two lanes of traffic at once, or one lane of traffic and the shoulder at the same time. Imagine how much time, effort, and money could be saved if every snowplow in Colorado was this big.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has been testing the "Mega Plow" so, who knows, perhaps there are more giant plows in our future. However, considering the limited amount of snowfall in the Grand Valley, don't expect to see these Superman-sized machines driving down Grand Junction's North Avenue.

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