This Colorado gold mine in Idaho Springs was featured in an episode of Ghost Adventures. After watching the episode and doing some research, this gold mine is definitely haunted.

The Phoenix Gold Mine in Idaho Springs was discovered in 1871. Along with two men being murdered near the mine, there are the remains of two people buried inside. One of which, was a witch who practiced black magic.

Al Mosch, who has owned the mine for over 30 years, has had a visitor tell him that they just had a full conversation with someone, who disappeared, only to find out it's a ghost. Visitors have been reporting apparitions of two men, for years. I wonder if they are the two men that were murdered.

There have been multiple experiences of people hearing their names whispered. According to a review on TripAdvisor, an old miner was seen standing behind a woman, only to fade away. An old miner is something frequently seen at the Phoenix Gold Mine.

Tommyknockers are believed to be present here, which are small men in miners outfits who work in the shadows, commit mischief are bound to the mine until it closes. These are spirits who if disrespected, could cause harm on the miners and cause the mine to cave in. There have been multiple reports of unexplained knocks, such as the one in the video.

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