The Fortune Club Hotel in Colorado was a brothel back in its day but now it's a hotel. The old school brothel turned hotel might just be haunted and here's why.

Back in 1899, the Fortune Club Hotel in Victor, Colorado (near Cipple Creek)  was a brothel. Times have changed and so has the Fortune Club. The old school brothel has turned into a hotel and is now a historic establishment with 10 fully furnished rooms.

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Right across the street from the Fortune Club is the Black Monarch Hotel and the Victor Lowell Museum, both of which have lots of history. The Black Monarch is also a brothel turned hotel and has serial killer themed rooms. The Black Monarch is rumored to have the ghost of a miner haunting the place. The Fortune Club is no different, according to the reviews, it also seems to be haunted.

According to a review on Tripadvisor, a woman and her friend stayed at the Fortune Club Hotel and both had a paranormal experience. She said she loved the old school ladies' bathroom that has a wall-size mirror that looks like its the original and she knew there had to be a story to the room. The woman in the review stated that she felt like she was being watched every time she went to the ladies' room.

The woman's friend also had a paranormal experience on their last night at the Fortune Club Hotel. According to the review, he woke up in the middle of the night because he heard footsteps in their room. He said it sounded like someone was pacing back and forth from his side of the bed to the woman. He felt someone's hand on his shoulder and then it was gone.

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