It feels like  a prefect night Every Friday night is the perfect night to hang out friends and sing songs, add some "adult beverages" and it ends up being one heck of a night! Check out the my list of great songs to sing when you have one to many!

Taylor Swift -- '22'

This song is perfect drunk-girl song to sing to! Sometimes I wish I was 22 again!

Journey -- 'Don't Stop Believing'

Everyone knows this one, break out your dance moves!

Muppet Show -- 'Mahna Mahna'

Ok, this song is just funny! I have been at a party were someone breaks out the 'Mahna Mahna' it is awesome!

Garth Brooks -- 'Friends In Low Places'

I sing this song not only drunk, but sober and I have the best time! It is the best song to sing when you have a group around!

Gotye -- 'Somebody I Use To Know'

This song is crazy stupid and kinda like a creepier! But I think this song is hilarious for people to sing that have been drinking the lines in this song are perfect for bashing your ex!