With the popular Grand Junction Rockies' season coming to a close this week, the stadium will be experiencing massive renovations very soon.

What is Lincoln Park Stadium?

Known to many as Lincoln Park Stadium, which includes Suplizio Field where the Grand Junction Rockies play, as well as Stocker Stadium, which is home to numerous Colorado Mesa University athletics programs such as football and track, will be getting a facelift beginning in the next few days.

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The Master Plan

The renovations come from what is known as the 2019 Lincoln Park Stadium Master Plan, with the ultimate goal of improving many physical aspects of the popular sports fields.

Demolition Leading to New Bleachers

These renovations will be so drastic that in order to make them happen, the contractor involved will be demolishing some of the stands at Suplizio Field beginning directly behind home plate and continuing all the way to the third baseline.

While this takes place, fences will be installed to ensure that pedestrian traffic does not interfere with the construction.

However, when the project is finished, Suplizio Field will have brand new bleachers in said area, and Stocker Stadium will be given new seating as well.

Other Upgrades

Not only this, but the plan includes electrical upgrades, IT and visual upgrades, and improvements to some of the entryways for both of the sports facilities.

Funded By Many

The project is funded by the City of Grand Junction, the Grand Junction Baseball Committee, School District 51 as well as Colorado Mesa University with a grand total of roughly $10 million in funding.


If all goes according to plan, the project should be completed by May of 2022.

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