Back at the beginning of the year, Nicole Henderson from Grand Junction was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her place of employment, Grand West KIA.

According to the Western Slope Now, Henderson, 45 plead guilty to a Class 5 Felony Theft Wednesday morning. Confessing to embezzling $221,000 from Grand West KIA for five years. January of 2011 to June of 2016.

Henderson could be facing up to six years in prison and will be required to pay $249,000 dollars in restitution.

It’s believed that Henderson wrote checks to both herself and other family members, but covered up the transactions as if they were legitimate payments.

Sometimes I wonder why people make choices the way they do. I’ve come to realize I probably will never understand.

So unfortunate for Grand West KIA, but thankfully the truth has come to the surface. Nicole Henderson was a trusted employee and sadly made a terrible decision to take something that was not hers.

This serves as a reminder to be aware of others actions and pay attention to your surroundings.

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