A serious subject. Transgender individuals. A hot button subject, transgender bathrooms. Rayne Starrs of Grand Junction is taking a stand for education, and elimination of hate.

Recently in the news, there have been many stories regarding transgender individuals and businesses having bathrooms that cater to those who identify as transgender. I had the opportunity to speak with Rayne Starrs.

This week's social media exploded when a major retail chain made the decision to allow transgender to self-identify and use whichever bathroom they felt more comfortable in. This started an all out war of posts on Facebook, with comments that some people will boycott companies that choose to allow this, and or they will avoid the bathrooms and stay as far away as possible.

The American Family Association has posted on their website to boycott the stores. So far, the website has received a lot of signatures of support.

Permission given by marc holzer -Rayne Starr
Photo Courtesy of Rayne Starrs

With all this confusion, anger and aggression online, many people who are trying to identify with who they are, feel attacked. Rayne Starrs is one person who believes that everyone should have the right to live the way you are most comfortable. Rayne released a video that has begun to go viral.

The video from Rayne is to educate, and stop the hate.

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