The Grand Junction spotlight this week is on fly fishing guide, Tyler Morris. Tyler works for Western Angler's is the person who taught me how to fly fish.

I have a lot of respect for Tyler. I can see that he's very passionate about what he does and I love that he took the time to pass on the knowledge. Tyler taught me how to tie a fly and how to fly fish. I can tell how much he cares about taking care of our environment, which is always admirable to see because I agree.

Tyler has been fishing forever, he remembers being 3 or 4 years old and fishing. He told me he would always throw a fit whenever he was forced to leave his fishing spots.

Here we are a couple of decades later and Tyler's love for fishing has only grown. He's got so much love for fishing, he needed to share it. His passion and work are now bonded as he's now working for Western Angler's as a fishing guide. Not only did he teach me how to fly fish, he also took me on a fly fishing adventure too.

Tyler loves fly fishing because it's a challenge. He embraced the challenge, obviously, because he's a Western Angler's guide. Fly fishing breaks down what the fish are doing and why they're eating what they're eating. He says it involves breaking down the bug's life cycle and being aware of the environment where you're fishing.

I got a verbal commitment, on the air, for Tyler to take me on another fly fishing adventure. See some pictures of our adventure on the Grand Mesa above and some of Tyler's beautiful catches too.

P.S. I'm definitely holding you to going on another fly fishing adventure and also, thank you introducing me to the world of fly fishing.

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