Umm ... "say what?" Is this possible?

According to KJCT8 the total sales tax in Vail, which includes both state and county is currently 8.4 percent with Denver following slightly behind at 8.31 percent.

Grand Junction is grand in so many ways but I'm guessing this kind of grand is not what many are thinking is for the better of the community.

Voting can be confusing and it can cause confusion. Is this good or bad? How does this affect me personally?

Three areas to think about while voting:

If all three of these passes then Grand Junction will top both Vail and Denver with their city sales tax hitting a preposterous 9.16 percent.


What is needed with the traffic coming into the area? What will be put into the city and how?

Public Safety

This would be money that would be applied to both the police and fire stations. More staff and three new fire stations.

Community Center

To be built on Matchett Park. A place for all. Teenagers, seniors, and conference/meeting rooms for the community to benefit from.

Depending on how Grand Junction will vote next week will determine if the sales tax ends up increasing and what the future of Grand Junction will be facing.


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