We are all tired of COVID-19, we are all tired of the restrictions, but there are orders currently in place by our Governor that we all have to abide by. Well, according to Westword, that is now fighting back against Governor Jared Polis and his health orders as the town of Monument in El Paso County is now fighting back against the governor's orders.

On Monday, January 11th, there was a vote that took place by the Monument Board of Trustees that was unanimous 7-0 that approved "A resolution reasserting the rights of the town of Monument and it's residents and condemning the unconstitutional limitations imposed upon freedoms by the governor of Colorado."

What that means to us is that the Board of Trustees are not supporting any COVID restrictions that would shut down businesses in their town. They are calling on our governor to stand up for what they believe is right and that means opening all local businesses to prevent any more harm from being done. The Board of Trustees are also requesting all businesses to be relisted as essential businesses.

There have been other instances where Colorado counties and towns have fought back against Governor Polis' orders but they all seemed to stop when the level red phase was brought down to level orange which opened many businesses to a higher capacity.

It will be interesting to see how this situation moves forward and if there are any spikes in COVID-19 cases around Monument as the town is prepared to be back open at 100%.

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