Have you ever just wanted to just feel like a kid again? I know I have, and having two girls they don't always want to do what the parents want to do.

Here it is, the five best parks in Grand Junction that don't cost a thing to enjoy.

Rocket Park had a major update awhile ago. Although you can no longer enjoy coming down the hot metal slide on the rocket itself, the park is set up for you and your kids to enjoy. As an added bonus you still get to see the old rocket that gave the park its name.

This park is perfect for a windy day and kite flying. With so much wide open spaces you can't go wrong. There isn't any playground equipment but you can take your kids, dogs, or just yourself and enjoy the quiet surroundings the park itself has to offer.

Lincoln Park
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Lincoln Park has been around forever! They have changed it a couple times, from an old wooden park to a mixture of wood and metal, and now to more kid friendly playing equipment. Let the kids go and play on the playground while go out into the grass to relax, some Frisbee, or toss a football.

Long Family Park is the relative newcomer of the group and also one of the biggest. Having three playgrounds to choose from makes this a good destination for the whole family. It also is home to a skate park for the kids in the family that want to feel like daredevils.

And last but of course not least.

Canyon View is probably my most favorite because my kids and I go to this one the most. Having two parks side by side is a great idea. The park on the left is for the older kids and the one on the right is meant for the smaller, littler kids. Either one you choose your kids will enjoy, and for the parents, just let them play and you take a walk around the park while the whole time your keeping an eye on the kids.

Now go out and enjoy the parks that Grand Junction has to offer.

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