Shea Brammer from Grand Junction recently welcomed a baby boy into the world. Shea opens up about what's it like having a baby during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shea Brammer told us that they were really worried on their way to a hospital in Grand Junction because they didn't know what to expect. Shea and his girlfriend had been hearing about hospitals locking down, so they were nervous.

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They got to the hospital around 8 p.m. (just a few days ago) and said it was very quiet and the parking lot was empty. There was a video doorbell on the elevator and only Shea and his girlfriend were allowed to come up.

Shea was screened for symptoms when he got off the elevator and when he passed, their hospital room was already ready for him. Every member of the hospital staff was wearing masks and gloves the entire time -- which was about 3 days.

He praises the staff for being extremely gentle, calm and caring. Shea says the staff was constantly washing and sanitizing their hands and everything was meticulously clean.

Shea wasn't allowed to leave the hospital once he was there, and had things delivered to him while he was in the hospital while practicing social distancing of course.

Whenever Shea and his girlfriend brought their baby boy home, his kids and parents all had masks on so they could meet their newest family member. He says he's been working from home, which allows him to protect his family.

Shea says everyone has been so great, helpful and nice. He's had family and friends dropping off meals, groceries, deep clean their house. He told us that everyone has been so kind and supportive and his family is beyond thankful. His baby boy is less than a week old and is doing great.

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