October is National Pit Bull Awareness month and Grand Junction is showing off their pit pics. This month is all about bringing positive attention to the pit bull breed and these pictures do just that.

According to The Dogington Post, National Pit Bull Month began as National Pit Bull Day. Now both the day and the month are celebrated and here's why:

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their responsible owners.

.... established to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which we and our dogs live, and it is an initiative dedicated to restoring the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

To celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Month, I asked you to show me your pitties. Here are Grand Junction's absolutely adorable pit bull pics:

I love the contrast of this pup's blue eyes against his white and grey coat.

These two looks like the most lovey-dovey pit bulls. They can't even sleep without touching each other.

He's a real cool cat, I mean, dog.

I like to call this pack of pups 'the pit crew.'

I think I want to come back as a pit bull in my next life.

That face you make when you get tucked in.

The cuteness in the pictures is almost overwhelming. Pit bulls are one of the sweetest breeds around and I can't wait to have my own. I think these pit pictures really depict their kind and goofy personalities.

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