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I posted a Facebook question asking if Grand Junction has a "lovers' lane," here are the results.

Crawford's Grave

Brian said that the valley's "lovers' lane" used to be at Grand Junction's founder George Crawford's grave. There are creepy urban legends surrounding the grave, but that didn't stop frisky couples from seeking it out to suck face. However, Brian also notes that since a house was built up there, its "lovers' lane" status has expired.

Colorado National Monument

Another popular spot for lovers to get some privacy in the great outdoors is the Colorado National Monument. Larry suggested to drive up Glade Park Road, while Heather suggested Bangs Canyon. Pun intended.

There were also some funny answers, including Mick's response of the alley from Domino's to Taco Bell on North. While I'm sure he was joking, I wouldn't put it past a couple of hormonal teenagers to get frisky in said alley.

Joe suggested "any dark parking lot in town." Again, he was probably joking, but I'm sure you can spot a car or two on a Friday night in a dark Grand Junction parking lot with the windows all fogged up.

Finally, Ben suggested Le Master Inn. I'm not sure if you can rent out a room by the hour or anything, but it sounds like Ben has some experience at the motel. Just sayin'.

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