Whether your need new guitar strings, a Cello, sheet music, or just a new Cd, here are some of my favorite music stores in Grand Junction to help you find whatever you need.

Hart Music

Hart Music is located at 417 Main Street. If you’re a professional or semi-professional musician this is probably somewhere you need to become pretty familiar with. They have a great selection of guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, speakers, amps, strings, drums…basically everything a professional musician could ever need. Plus, they will match any price you can find online.

Back Porch Music

Back Porch Music is another phenomenal resource for local and touring musicians. They have a great selection of acoustic guitars, and also they have a large selection of music cables. One of the cool things about Back Porch Music, is that not only do they teach lessons right on location (for several instruments) they also have a live venue on site, that can be rented. Back Porch Music also provides music gear rental, and they carry a large selection of gear available for rent.

Roper Music

If you’re looking for an instrument for your student (orchestra, band, etc) than Roper Music is a really great resource. They can finance the instrument for you, if you can’t afford to pay for it outright. Roper music is also a great resource for anyone looking for sheet music, and music books. In fact, I’ve purchased 95% of my sheet music, ever, from Roper Music.

Mesa Music

Mesa Music is another great resource for Orchestra and Band Instruments, as well as sheet music. Mesa Music has been a part of the community for several years, and I’ve had several friends happily purchase their music instruments and sheet music from them for years.

Triple Play Records

Triple Play Records has a rad collection of vinyl, in fact they have the largest selection of vinyl albums in town. They have a retro appeal, that brings back the nostalgia of the 60’s and 70’s, that locals go crazy for. In addition, Triply Play supports several local musicians, and offers a vast collection of music memorabilia.


Hastings is a great resource for movies, music, books, and memorabilia. Membership is cheap, and they have a giant selection of music and movie options. They also rent out video games, and I believe they still rent out certain video game systems. Basically, these guys are a great resource for a teen boy birthday party. Music, movies, and video games, all for rent.

Big J Jewelry and Loan

If you are buying an instrument for a novice, beginner, or hobbyist, Big J Jewelry and Loan is always a great place to check. They offer great deals on beginner instruments, including guitars, keyboards, and even Ukuleles. It’s a Pawn shop, so you can even make payments on your items.

Whether you’re looking for new guitar cables, speakers, a Violin, sheet music, a vinyl album or a new cd, this list should provide you with all of the answers to your music needs.

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