This Thursday is not only New Year's Eve, it's also Throwback Thursday. We want you to celebrate it with us by voting for the Throwback Song of the Week, which we play Thursdays at noon.

We also post a #tbt post on Mix 104.3's Instagram to celebrate too. In our last Throwback Song of the Week poll, you had a choice between Destiny's Child, Usher, Missy Elliott, Kanye West or Santa featuring Rob Thomas. This was the winner:

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Just like last time, it's completely up to you to choose our Throwback Song of the Week. Voting ends tomorrow night (Wednesday, December 30) at 11:59 p.m. so make sure you vote before then.

Whether you're in the mood for a throwback from Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown and T-Pain, it's up to you to decide. Vote for your Throwback Song of the Week which we'll play Thursday at noon now.

Expect a Throwback Thursday post on our Instagram as well to celebrate Throwback Thursday/New Year's Eve. Our last #tbt on our Instagram was all about fishing for grayling on the Mesa with Tyler Morris from Western Anglers. It's nice to look back on some of the great memories you've made, like fishing with your dad on the Grand Mesa.

If you post a #tbt post, make sure you tag us so we can get nostalgic with you.

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