If you lived in Grand Junction, Colorado in the 1980s, you probably lived at the Mesa Mall. That's what we did; hang around at the mall. According to you, these were the places you visited the most.

Who knew Mervyn's was so popular? Alladin's Castle, on the other hand, is pretty much a given. I asked on Facebook, "Which store/venue at Mesa Mall did you spend the most time at back in the 1980s?" Here's what you had to say.

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Grand Junction's Mesa Mall Was Packed

Visiting Mesa Mall in Grand Junction back in the 1980s was kind of like visiting an international airport over Thanksgiving weekend. The place was always packed. You could barely walk through it for all the bodies.

Who Would Have Guessed Mervyn's Was So Popular?

Back in the 80s, a Mervyn's store occupied the spot where you'll now find Cabella's. It was a popular place for clothes, shoes, and housewares. Almost everyone who replied stated they spent quite a bit of time at Mervyn's. It's hard to understand why the place closed. Sadly, the entire Mervyn's chain shut down in 2008.

Alladin's Castle Was The Place To Be

If I could have back half the money I spent at Aladdin's Castle in the 1980s I would have enough money to pay off my house. Back in the 1980s, it was simply an arcade with various video games and pinball machines. I don't recall anything about winning tickets that could be redeemed for prizes. That came later.

Keep In Mind This Was The 1980s

We're talking about a time before cell phones. Back in the 80s, you didn't have a dozen cell phone stores or kiosks selling phone cases and accessories. In the 80s we had clothing stores, stereo stores selling ghetto blasters, and as you may recall, even a waterbed showroom. Yeah, a store dealing 100% in waterbeds, most of which were really funky.

These Were Our Favorite Stores at Grand Junction's Mesa Mall

If you lived in Grand Junction, Colorado back in the 1980s, you spent your time hanging out at Mesa Mall. That's what we used to do - hang out at the mall. I asked on Facebook, "Which store/venue at Mesa Mall did you spend the most time at back in the 1980s?" Here's what you had to say:

Downtown Grand Junction Businesses of Yesterday

If you stop and think about it, several of the business pictured above are still up and running. Most of these photos were taken in the 1950s. Almost 70 years later, many are still going strong. Sure, some have moved to new locations, but others, Quincy's for example, are right where they've always been.

Stores We Want to See Added to Grand Junctions' Mesa Mall

We asked our listeners to help us brainstorm some new stores that we would all like to see added to Grand Junctions' Mesa Mall. No rules, just right. Pick any store ya like and let us know what you would like to see added to the mall.

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