That's where my car keys must have gone! While tearing things up at the Avalon Theater in downtown Grand Junction, a construction crew discovered a man's wallet -- from the 70s! And I got to meet this guy!

The City of Grand Junction contacted me yesterday about the Mayor returning a man's wallet they found during construction on the Avalon Theater.

That was 37 years ago! That's just crazy!

I'm amazed the construction crew didn't just trash it, that the foreman realized they'd found something special, that they were actually able to track down the owner, and he STILL lived in Junction! Almost a miracle.

When I met the owner Kok Bou, he was a VERY shy man but excited to get his wallet back after SO long!

Bou said he had been at the Cooper Theater -- its name before Avalon theater -- watching a movie as a kid when he lost his wallet, this is photo of him that was inside when it was returned.

Mack Dodge

He said he hopes to use the wallet again, which was in great condition!

Not only did it have his old bicycle lock code from 1976, it also had his fishing & drivers licenses and his original work visa from Cambodia!

Mack Dodge

He also said it had contained 40 bucks when he lost it, which of course was not recovered. Had it been, he would have celebrated with a night on the town!

He gave a BIG thank you to Jolene Evans and Enrique, the work crew that found it.

Mack Dodge

Listen to the full interview:

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