Traditions are cool and all, but it's also important to switch things up. Here's what Grand Junction is switching up this Thanksgiving.

As I was prepping for Thanksgiving and thinking about what kind of dishes I'm going to make this year, I thought to myself -- I want to switch things up. So instead of making mac and cheese, I'm making a corn casserole. And instead of regular ham, I opted for a brown sugar glazed ham instead.

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Traditions are important and of course, the stuffing and mashed potatoes will remain the same (except for the whole making two different kinds of stuffing because it's my favorite) but it's nice to switch things up. We wanted to know if you were doing anything differently this year for Thanksgiving, so we asked you this:

Well, I'm clearly not the only one that's switching things up for Thanksgiving. From your food to taking time off, this is what Grand Junction is switching up for Thanksgiving this year.

Dan Eddy commented on our Facebook and says he's actually taking Thanksgiving off for a change. Way to go Dan, you deserve it. Evan Ryder says that 'the forecast calls for 5 days in Vegas.' Thanksgiving in Vegas is definitely a different way to spend the holiday.

Susan Wonders on our Facebook says that her family is doing a dry-rubbed pork tenderloin this year instead of cornish hens. And speaking of cornish hens, that's exactly what Stacy Legrand is making this year. Khristine Van Horn says her Thanksgiving is going to be spent eating pizza and having a Star Wars marathon.

A lot of Grand Junction says they're not cooking this year and they seem really excited about it. Cooking (and cleaning up after) a Thanksgiving meal does take hours and hours and hours to accomplish.

Anne Reed commented on our Facebook and says that this is the first year her family will be celebrating Thanksgiving with no kids because they're all out of town. We're sure they'll miss you and your food just as much as you'll miss them. Ranae Olster says she plans on eating dessert first this Thanksgiving because she's always too full for it after dinner. This is innovative, smart and we applaud you, Ranae.

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