Since I just got my very first fly fishing rod last week, I was curious to find out when you got yours. After asking on our Facebook, Grand Junction reveals at what age you got your first fly fishing rod.

My excuse for not getting a fly fishing rod until my current age, 26, is that I didn't grow up around here. Whenever I did go fishing back in North Carolina, it was always reel fishing.

I picked up a fly fishing rod for the first time this summer, thanks to Western Anglers, and I didn't want to put it down. I got my first fly fishing rod at 26 years old and here's when you got yours.

I expected this answer, especially from Tyler. Tyler Morris is a fly fishing guide at Western Anglers and is actually the person who taught me how to fly fish.

My dad is one of the reasons that I love fishing. I'm glad he passed it on to me because nothing compares to a peaceful day fishing.

I got my flrst fly fishing rod at 26 and it's never too late to learn and get your first rod.

We had a couple of 'I've never been fly fishing' comments on our Facebook and to that I say, you should try it. I just tried it recently and loved it so much I got my own rod now.

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