Have you ever had a free minute to count how many salons there are in Grand Junction? There are way more than I thought there would be but I'm a guy and have a hard enough time finding a barbershop without a wait anywhere in Colorado. People be primping.

No matter if it's a special occasion, a big date, or an important presentation when you want to look your best it's nice to have someone you can count on.

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How Many Salons Do We Have in Grand Junction Colorado?

It's hard to give an exact number after the impact of COVID-19 on the Western Slope. A few of the listings from just a year or two ago are now listed by google as permanently closed. The good news is that I think we still have a couple of dozen to choose from (at least).

Need a Recommendation for a New Hair Stylist in Grand Junction?

We asked you to tell us about a 'go-to' stylist or barber that you can always count on to make you look your best. We got tons of recommendations about some great local businesses that you can check out before your next big event.

Check Out the Best Barbers and Salons in Western Colorado

Based on your responses, we have put together the photo gallery below showing off the top answers and a closer look at each one of those places in Grand Junction. Grab our free station app if you can think of another barber or stylist who deserves a shout-out.

Check Out Grand Junction Colorado's Best Barber Shops and Hair Salons

We asked you to give a shoutout to your favorite barber or hairstylist in Grand Junction, Colorado. We combined your praise for these talented local businesses and created a list of the most popular places to visit to look your best.

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