There is no shortage of great places to grab a drink in the Grand Junction area, which means that there are plenty of great bartenders to go along with them. After all, the best bartenders are hard-working, knowledgeable in their craft, and friendly even at times when they probably don't want to be.

I posted a question on Facebook asking you who your favorite Grand Junction area bartenders are and you delivered plenty of responses.

Popular Bartenders at Popular Bars

One theme from your answers was not just one bartender in particular that you like, but sometimes the whole staff at a particular bar. Some of these bars included Cruisers, Quincy's, Koko's, and Moody's.

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Not Just Bars

While, yes, bartenders work at bars, many of your favorite local bartenders work at places that are known for being more than just a bar. For example, a lot of people listed bartenders at everyone's favorite local rock venue, The Mesa Theater, as their favorites in the area.

Some Very Popular Bartenders

While many popular local bartenders were named, some are apparently very popular in the Grand Junction area such as Sarah from the Mesa Theater, Tiara at Orchard Mesa Cruisers, Patty at Las Marias, Judah at Central Station, Makala at Freeway Bowl, Cody at Skorz and Tasia at Central Station and Scallywags.

According to you, these are the most favorite bartenders in the Grand Junction area:

Grand Junction's Favorite Bartenders According to You

According to you, these are the best bartenders in the Grand Junction area.

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