If we taught a class about Grand Junction, here's what would be on the lesson plan. It's everything you should know about Grand Junction, welcome to Grand Junction 101.

There are a few things you should know about Grand Junction. Things, like navigating a roundabout and taking dirt with you when you leave, are all on the lesson plan.

Always Take Dirt When You Leave

The very first lesson in our Grand Junction 101 class isn't superstition, it's actually real. It's important to take dirt whenever you leave Grand Junction -- unless you want to come back. The Grand Valley curse is real and if you don't take some dirt with you, you will be back.

How to Navigate a Roundabout

There's no getting away from roundabouts in Grand Junction. They're downtown, in the Redlands, on Horizon Drive, they're everywhere. It's not hard to navigate a roundabout and I promise you'll get through it.

Roads Have Letters and Numbers

The names of roads around Grand Junction sometimes have letters or numbers -- or both. There are roads like F 1/2 Road and 27 Road here in Grand Junction and the reason is simple. The number of the road represents the distance in miles from the Utah border. And F 1/2 Road means it's a half mile between roads.

Watch Out For Rogue Turners

The next lesson in Grand Junction 101 is to watch out for these. Whenever you're driving (or walking, biking, etc.) in Grand Junction, you always need to be on the lookout for rogue turners. No one uses their blinker so good luck with this one.

The Heat Is Real

This is a lesson you should definitely learn here in Grand Junction 101. Learning this one on your own can be painful. The heat is real in Grand Junction, you have to drink water and wear sunblock.

Telling Direction

Our last lesson in Grand Junction is all about being about to tell direction. You'll often hear people in Grand Junction give directions like 'head toward the Mesa' or 'head toward the Monument.' Your sense of direction needs to spot on and know what is where. (The Mesa is to the East and the Monument is to the West, by the way.)

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