Graff Dairy is a Grand Junction favorite. It comes to no surprise that the re-opening of this local ice-cream favorite has left everyone anxious.

Progress is moving much quicker now that the building permits have been approved.


Framing has gone up and thanks to a break from the snow, it continues to build.


There are some changes being made to the outside, but the main ingredient is staying the same. Graff Dairy ice cream will be the same, homemade and fresh soft serve that Grand Junction has enjoyed for almost 50 years.

Graff Dairy is offering a helping hand to teenagers who seek shelter at The House, an organization for homeless youth. They will be the first to be offered employment at the dairy.

Their hope is this partnership with The House will be a good fit for the youth who have a hard time getting or keeping a job because of the trauma they have endured. The goal is to give them real life experience to help get them back on their feet for the long run by adding other aspects to the business such as renting out the grass area for parties, serving more food options, and more. This will give the teens a variety of business skills they can use in different aspects of their lives. They will be working alongside mentors who will encourage them every step of the way.

What are you most looking forward to when Graff Dairy reopens?