Oh, happy day! It looks like I-70 through Glenwood Canyon could be back and fully open in both directions by late today. 

For several weeks now, The Colorado Department of Transportation has been working day and night to get I-70 open in both directions through Glenwood Canyon. Right now, I-70 is only open in one lane, and traffic is being led by a flag car, with hours still limited.

With our fingers crossed, this may get changed today.

As The Colorado Department of Transportation continues to check the stability of the slide area, they want to be sure the road and mountain are stable. If re-opened, it looks like it will be on one side of the highway only, so it may have 2 lane traffic, but the flow will be much better than now

Cleanup still needs to be done along the roadway, causing delays during this time, but traffic will begin to flow along I-70 better than it has in the last few weeks.

This is great news for those who have been having to take one of the several different detours that added a ton of time to the trip along the canyon.