The weather is getting warmer while the sun is staying in the sky longer. That means it is time for you to enjoy the outdoors.

May 16th is the perfect day to do just that. That's because it is National Love A Tree Day. This day is a close cousin to Arbor Day. So why not use this day to go out and love a tree.

Be thankful that we still have trees to give you life. I know on the 16th I will be taking my daughters on a beautiful hike and stop by and respect the trees that are around us.

Without trees, we wouldn't have anything expelling oxygen into our lungs. Showing love to a tree might sound weird, but without it, life wouldn't be as clean as it is right now.

So go out take some pictures and just bask in the beauty that is trees. Use the hashtag #LoveATreeDay because we would love to see some beautiful trees and the surrounding areas.

Cheers to the trees that give us life!

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