Country roads, take me gnome. This road in Colorado is covered in gnomes and their little gnome homes. Take a look at what kind of creatures are living on Gnome Road.

Gnome Road, also known as Elf Lane, is in the forest near Red Feather Lakes. On a dirt road, between Apache Lake and Hiawatha Lake is a magical place. Nestled in the trees, bushes and lined up along the road are gnomes as far as the eye can see.

There are all kinds of creatures here including gnomes, dolls, Spongebob Squarepants, nutcrackers and all kinds of houses for them to live in. The gnome houses are mushrooms, tree houses, teapots and more.

A sign on Gnome Road/Elf Lake says:

Do not take us, break us, or relocate us, as we live here on Elf Lane to watch over children and all the little animals.

I can't help but wonder who started Gnome Road and why. It could be an extreme love for gnomes or maybe even for a paranormal reason.

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