Mother's Day is fast approaching, so why not make it fun for all the mothers out there and take them out to eat at a unique restaurant? We are going to take a stroll around  Colorado and find the most unique or fun restaurants you can take your momma to.

This one comes in first because it is extremely unique. I am talking about Solos Restaurant located in Colorado Springs. How many people do you know that can say they ate in a Boeing KC-97 tanker. Yeah, that's right a real tanker! It's an experience your mother would love.

This one is a little unique and almost a little scary. I am talking about Lingers. This restaurant is located in Denver, Colo. Did I also mention that this building uses to be an old Mortuary? There is also an RV parked up on the roof that is used as a bar. This one mom is going to enjoy because of the weird history behind it.

Located in an actual fort is The Fort Restaurant located in Morrison, Colo.  This Unique place is a must for Mother's Day. It is known for its mean buffalo steak, but it also has seafood and beef for those that aren't adventurous. Moms will enjoy every minute of their time. Did I also mention the food is amazing!

Take your mom out for a treat at this fifties-inspired diner. I am talking about Main Street Cafe located in Grand Junction, Colo. This place is loaded with fifties memorabilia, I am talking about floor to wall stuff.  They also took pieces of the valley and made it a part of their decor. The food is also to die for. Moms everywhere will be full and happy if you visit this awesome establishment.

In my opinion, this is the coolest restaurant on this list. I am talking about Game Creek Restaurant. The food is absolutely amazing almost melt in your mouth with every bite. But that is not what makes it unique. You have to take a gondola and a snowcat just to get here. But the experience itself is absolutely amazing.

Take mom out and show her a wonderful time, with any of these places you won't go wrong and mom will be one happy customer.

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