A Fruita retailer is hard at work creating masks to donate to medical professionals. Here's how you can help out.

James Williams from Rhema Music & Clothing Company in Fruita contacted me earlier today. According to James, crews at his shop have been hard at work creating masks to be distributed starting Monday, March 30. While they have volunteers, more are needed.

In addition to volunteers, supplies are needed, too. All types of fabric can be used and would be greatly appreciated.

We are accepting all types of material donations, and yes, we need as many volunteers as want to be involved. - James Williams


James Williams

As it stands, the plan is to distribute masks to medical professions first. If enough masks can be made, Rhema Music and Clothing Company will then begin to distribute them to the general public.

At this point we are trying to get them to the medical professionals first and depending upon the mount we can supply we will look at extending that to others. No charge since it is all donation of material, time, & skill" - James Williams

If you would like to volunteer, you can be a part of this effort while observing "social distancing." You can build these masks from home, and Rhema Music & Clothing Company will make arrangements to pick them up or arrange a time to have them dropped off.

James Williams

A few days ago I posted about the effectiveness of homemade masks. Some hospitals, Henry Ford Health System in Detroit for example, had put out the call for supplies, even homemade masks. “If it’s a difference between having a mask and not having a mask, having a mask is better than not,” said Dr. Jordan Sall, chief of staff at Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont in West Michigan.

Here's a chance to get involved, all from the safety and comfort of your home. If you have material to donate, or would like to volunteer your time and skill, contact the crew at this local business. They can be reached by Facebook Messenger or by calling 970-858-7675.

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