ThinkStock[/caption]We all know what it means when someone says that you are a helicopter parent.

But did you know that Utah passed a law, the only such law in the nation, to allow kids to be free range kids?

What this law does is change the terms for child neglect. It will allow certain aged children the freedom to walk to school or home unoccupied. It also will give them the freedom to stay at home by themselves.

I think that this is a huge step to allow children to be children. I'm not sure when it happened but raising kids from when I was a kid changed completely.

From the age of twelve, my brother and I walked to and from school by ourselves. Not to mention during football season we would be home late. Both of our parents worked and we could take care of each other.

I try to do this as much as I can with my oldest daughter. She is growing every day and she needs to understand how to do that. If she doesn't learn how to grow up now, then will she ever be able to?

How do you feel about Utah allowing "Free range kids"? Do you agree? Let us know where you stand!


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