Former Employees of The Local in downtown Grand Junction, which closed in December 2015, were shocked to learn the restaurant was closing. Now they're stuck in limbo waiting for their final paycheck.

After closing their doors in December, The Local still owes their employees about $20,000 in wages. Owner Devin Dean told KJCT8 the money is on its way. He says the process takes time, but the former employees aren't buying into this.

Former employee Kendra Moody told KJCT8:

We were given no heads-up, no warning what-so-ever. They said they could have told us in August, but they didn’t want to because they wanted the business to run its course.

Moody also said:

We were told numerous times, we've got money coming out of a trust, we've got money coming to you, we’ll pay you next week…and right now they’ll pay us next week.

The former Local staff will take legal action if there isn't any communication from the owners but at the moment, they can't afford an attorney.

[UPDATE] There has been a GoFundMe account set up to help the former employees of the Local raise funds for legal support.

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