The Montrose Sheriff's Office received a call concerning a foot-long alligator on someone's porch. When deputies came to check it out, the alligator ended up being a little salamander.

I'm sure the Montrose Sherrff's Office receive all kinds of calls, but this one seems a little out of the ordinary. A foot-long alligator on a porch, in Montrose?

Deputy Lovato and Sgt. Cox of the Montrose Sheriff's Office responded to the call. What was reported as a foot-long alligator, wasn't either of those.

The subject in question turned out to be a small salamander, not an alligator and not a foot-long either. Deputy Lovato used his salamander skills to get the little guy to a safe place, away from the porch.

I'm sure the people who made the call and the deputies were both glad it wasn't an alligator. And I'm glad that the Montrose Sheriff's Office got a good laugh from this call too.

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