A food donation will save you $2 off a reserved seat at a Grand Junction Rockies baseball game.

You may not have realized it - and don't feel bad if you didn't because most of us missed it- July happens to be National Baked Beans Month. And so the folks at Bush's Beans are doing a Bush Brothers Food Drive and teaming up with minor league baseball to collect food for local communities.

Our local Salvation Army will be the recipient of food donated during this drive with the Grand Junction Rockies and all food donated will stay in the community.

Here's how it works.  On July 23-25, anyone who brings at least two non-perishable food items to Suplizio Field, will receive $2 off the cost of a reserved ticket to the Grand Junction Rockies game that night.

The most requested food items to be donated are cereal, pasta, canned fruits, mac and cheese, canned protein like tuna, chicken, and turkey, and canned meals.

It is recommended that donated food items still have a long shelf-life, and it makes no sense to donate food that has an expired shelf life.Items that should not be donated are homemade food items, home-canned food, frozen food, and individual baby food products.

This food drive will help replenish the shelves of the Salvation Army pantry and feed hungry families here in the Grand Valley. Plus, it's a great way to celebrate National Baked Beans Month!

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