It looks like Flo Rida is going to have to dig deep in his pockets to settle a legal matter overseas. The Miami rapper was ordered to pay over $400,000 in punitive damages to organizers of Australia’s Fat As Butter festival for his abrupt cancelation at the event last October.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the NSW District Court ruled in favor of event organizers Mothership Music who lost $50,000 due to Flo Rida’s no-show. The rapper was ordered to pay $80,000 for breach of contract back in April, but the judge increased it to $400,000.

“The no-show by Flo Rida damaged the trading reputation of the plaintiff, impacting its ability to stage future events, attract patrons and compete with rivals in the music event industry,” said Judge Judith Gibson at a hearing last week. She ordered Flo Rida and VIP Entertainment and Concepts to cough up $380,400 in damages and  $37,745 in legal costs.

Flo Rida nor his attorneys were present at the hearing.

This judgement follows behind a slew of lawsuits that have dogged the ‘Wild Ones’ rapper. Most recently, Flo Rida was slapped with a lawsuit by a promoter for bailing out on a Canadian tour in 2011 at the last minute. Spin Artist Agency is suing the rapper for $200,000 for loss of ticket, concession and alcohol sales.

We have a ‘Good Feeling’ Flo Rida is not happy with all of these legal cases he keeps racking up.

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