Unethical Hunting Practices
Four out-of-state hunters were fined for illegally hunting in Colbran, Colo., using poison tipped arrows. When I heard this from Colorado Parks and Wildlife I was FURIOUS! These four men have obviously don't know the meaning of "fair chase"!
Expensive Bullying
Bullying has reached epidemic proportions and officials all across the country are putting measures in place to protect students. But a Wisconsin city has gone a step further by passing an ordinance which allows the parents of bullies to be fined. Does that seem fair?
Rude Girl Flips Off Judge, Gets 30 Days in Lockup
Left on her own without legal representation, this girl (who was awaiting arraignment for a first arrest) was in over her head. It probably also didn't help that she didn't get the sobering reality of being physically present in court to knock some sense into her, since this is a video arraignment t…