I have lived in the beautiful state of Colorado my whole life. I absolutely love this state.

But for those who haven't lived here say that Coloradoans have a unique way of doing and saying things. I am going to give you five ways to tell somebody is from Colorado.




  • I

    We Wear Shorts In The Middle Of Winter

    It doesn't matter to us if its 30 degrees outside. We will not put on pants for anything. Coloradoans will wear hoodies because we need to stay warm. But pants, what are pants?

  • II

    We Say "Fer" Instead Of "For"

    I am guilty of this probably more than anyone else. But I never realized I did it until I had a visit from a friend and he asked why do I keep saying "fer" instead of "for". You know "this is fer what?"

  • III

    Their Vehicles Are Covered In Denver Bronco Stuff

    This is true to pretty much anyone who was born in Colorado. I remember when I was growing up my dad had Bronco stickers all over the car. Once I started my family had to put Bronco stickers on my car. Once a Bronco always a Bronco.

  • IV

     We Like To Wear Flip Flops Everywhere

    It doesn't matter where we are or where we are going flip flops are our "shoe" of choice. We could be going for a hike or for a run and still have flip flops on our feet. If I didn't have such weird looking feet I would be wearing them right now.

  • V

    We Give Horrible Directions

    If you ask someone from Colorado how to get somewhere be prepared to get a little bit lost. If we tell you to head towards the mountain then we mean head west. To use those directions are perfect. Sorry in advance if you end up getting lost.

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